Course Care

Golfing etiquette that is par for the course.

We see Clearwater Golf Club as a community, and practising appropriate golf etiquette is part of our community spirit.

To keep the course in ideal condition we ask that you repair your divots and ball marks during play. A few moments will aid in the swift healing of these, providing a smoother game for everyone.

If you’d like a demonstration of divot and ball mark repair we invite you to visit the Clearwater Golf Shop, our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Dealing with Divots

Once a divot is made please lightly sand the divot using the sand bucket or bottle equipped on all of Clearwater's carts. Apply just enough sand to fill the divot, level with the surface of the grass. Too much or too little sand will cause the divot to heal slowly.

Repairing ball marks

Please repair all your ball marks and one other while on the green. To avoid damaging the roots of the grass, bend the tool toward the centre of the ball mark rather than pulling upward.