Creating an award winning urban recreation oasis

The Clearwater Golf Club course forms the centrepiece of the Clearwater Resort community.

The beginnings of Clearwater Resort

Clearwater Resort was conceived as part of the wider Waimakariri Regional Park that connects the Groynes, Coutts Island, Templars Island and McLeans Island.

Much of the Clearwater grounds were originally farmland, purchased by Japanese interests in 1992. In 1998 the land was sold to local investors including the late Diana, Lady Isaac and golf course designer John Darby. After modifying the concept and naming the development Clearwater, construction of our progressive residential resort and golf course started the same year.

The Clearwater golf course was completed for the first of its many annual international professional golf tournaments in March 2002.

Progress in perfection

Clearwater’s pristine residential resort is currently nearing completion, following the conservationist principles of the late Diana, Lady Isaac. The majority of home sites are sold, andour accommodation options for visitors include hotel rooms and suites and lakeside villas and apartments.

The Isaac Conservation Park now links Clearwater Resort and Coutts Island recreation park. A network of spring-fed waterways, walking and cycling tracks provide recreation opportunities across the entire area.