2015 NZWO - Final Hole crowd
Dawn on the driving range
The opening hole
Manicured fairways
NZWO 2014
Lydia Ko 2015
Finishing outlook.
18 from the air
The opening 9
Finishing on 18

Clearwater Golf Club has chosen as it's club emblem the Mayfly.


The Mayfly is a popular lure for anglers trying to attract brown trout as mayflies in their natural state are a large part of the brown trout's diet.


There are about 40 species of mayfly in New Zealand and all of them are endemic, that is, they are found nowhere else.


They are fussy about the water they live in and like cool, clean, well-aerated waters such as those here at Clearwater.


The lakes and rivers within the Clearwater Resort are also home to brown trout, many of whom spawn in the rivers in the April to September period.


Fly fishing is permitted ( subject to local Fish & Game Licence rules) from 1 October to 30 April annually.